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YAML 问题 基地管理

Since "Community Reader" ( is now a thing, what follows is a question to you all -- what other sources do you want to see in the reader? :) Currently there is one source (the innovative ideas from Halfbakery), but I'm planning on other sources, and considering:

Please, suggest your sources. The benefit of the reader is that you can research content, and have easy way to then reshare it on as a Question, Idea or Project.


投票 (可选) (别通知) (可选)


+1 on product hunt


看起来 不错〜


也许0oo.li本身是图书馆的资源? :)

Maybe itself as a source in the Library? :)

Chrunchbase,Angelist,Product Hunt,Kickstarter。但是看到影响初创公司的资源会很有趣...

Chrunchbase, Angelist, Product Hunt, Kickstarter. But it would be interesting to see sources for impact startups...

谷歌 :)

Google :)

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Ruta, 💤