Social Darwinism

I reject social darwinism as a modus operandi, how to move on from social darwinism?


Social darwinism is the idea that humans in social societies follow the same basic laws of darwinism where weaker species die out.

I would argue that modern society is far from what nature intended and is rather corrupted by wealthy interests.


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Alternative to Darwinism is L.Margulis work on Symbiosis and Cooperation as a driving force of evolution.

What if textbooks and culture that promote Darwinism as idea are wrong and is simply promoted by some thought collectives?

For curiosity, I recommend watching a movie on L.Margulis ideas which may spark alternative ideas :)

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Another example of social darwinism that makes me sick is the idea that our jobs are now replaceable with foreign labour after COVID because if you can work from home that means someone can work remotely.




我指出的另一个问题是算法和过程是专有的且不透明的,而我担心将其打开可能会使机器自我复制。我指出监视系统是一种可能的预防措施。我可以补充一点,以真实的人类身份对操作进行加密签名也将有助于防止机器被接管,因此请记住,是的,我认为“自我编码协会” 是可行的替代方案。 “社会达尔文主义”


Social darwinism (or, as I called it Modern Jungle), and my conclusions were that the future is a society that codes itself:

"If we, as a mankind consciously define our goals, and pursue them, then that would not be market economy anymore. That would be planed economy, with carefully designed flexible, open and reasonable capital flow management system, informed by contribution-based and open risk management system, upon levels of hierarchies of variables, based on our needs that define them."

But a problem that I point out, is our mental limitations (mental health). So, I conclude that one way to enable the majority of people understand how society works as a whole, is to make the knowledge about how it makes everything, publicly accessible, and well-documented (a bit like in an IDE that helps you to drill down to any sub-procedure).

Another problem I pointed out, is algorithms and procedures being proprietary and non-transparent, and my worries that making them open may well may enable machines to self-replicate. I pointed out the monitoring systems as a possible precautionary measure. I could add, that cryptographic signing of operations with real human identities would also help to keep machines from taking over, so with that in mind, yeah, I think the "self-coding society" is a viable alternative to the "social darwinism".

I'll try to describe it as an idea and elaborate on it, as it may be possible to come up with more specifics.


An example is competing for food ala hunger games. Is it right? I find it disgusting.

由于我的精神分裂症,我无法与其他人竞争同等水平。这意味着我被困在很多地方。 (与医生,医院保持亲密接触)如果我在1950年代被残障,我的生活将与今天大不相同。现代医疗保健更具道德性。


I cannot compete to the same degree as others due to my illness, schizophrenia. This means I am stuck where I am in a lot of areas. (Closeness to doctors, hospitals) Had I been disabled in 1950s my life would be very different to today. Modern healthcare is far more ethical.

I want to compete and build a Linux desktop environment but I don't have the skills to do so. I struggle with learning new things due to my illness.