o2oo Feature Requests

What functionality do we want at online makerspace?

YAML 问题 基地管理

0oo is transforming under "o2oo" name (o2oo.io) to serve the first core audience of inventors and creative futurists weirdo makers.

This is a space to organise all suggestions for features that will enable inventors to live on ideas.


投票 (可选) (别通知) (可选)

我建议主页有一个名为 random above questions/puzzles 的部分

I suggest the home page having a section called random above problems/puzzles



Feature requests for Projects level:

  • somehow showcasing results that have "video demos" attached. I'd watch those published by other users for sure for inspiration across disciplines.




Question: When adding a question, and wanting to select some existing questions as parents or children, how to know if a Question is a parent or a child?

Feature requests for adding a Question or Idea:

  • a button that communicates a social interaction request between 0oo users (an invite to "be my mirror! help me formulate my question or idea”). this button would help users like me, who love synthesising their thoughts through voice (when talking to someone) and only then writing down a clear description of the question or idea.



Ownership features:

  • Enable to add custom idea types "Preview" (of invention). This would be useful for inventors who are about to prototype an invention, patent it and bring it to market.




Financial features:

  • "Donate" button within Project page to replicate Patreon functionality of allowing other users to donate money to each other.

  • Allow preorders of products, so that as a maker I don't need to setup Kickstarter.


-在“问题”,“想法”和“项目”级别上单击“打开合作”按钮,以鼓励陌生人互相帮助,共同创建想法和原型。 (我通过对话/综合来创造想法)。

Community features:

  • Button "Open for collaborations" in Question, Idea and Project levels, to encourage strangers to help each other, to create ideas and prototype together. (I create ideas through conversations/synthesis).




-中间栏中的问题,想法,项目,产品, -用户的损益表,我的项目,我的兴趣(元类别), -右侧栏中的最新评论和结果(仅标题), -顶部菜单显示问题,想法,项目,产品;语言;登出。


Must-Have homepage design:

Homepage that showcases a new behaviour HalfMakery is about (from research questions to a final product, so that inventors live on ideas).

Homepage for logged-in users showcases three columns:

  • Questions, Ideas, Projects, Products in the middle column,
  • User's P&L, My Projects, My Interests (meta-categories) on the left column,
  • Latest Comments and Results (only title) on the right column,
  • Top menu shows Questions, Ideas, Projects, Products; Languages; Logout.

This design is drawn here.

    : Mindey, Inyuki
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