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Mind Uploading

How to carry out mind upload practically? Any ways to do it without losing identity?


Mind uploading is said to be a process of scanning a physical structure of the brain accurately enough to create an emulation of the mental state [1]. In that sense, it is like what we already have with virtual machines, that can be suspended and restored to an exact state on another computer or network or virtual machine.

Identity preservation, however, is as important in many cases, because a mind copied, even if exactly the same, cannot occupy the same role in the world to follow through the same future state space. It is similar to how a copy of a virtual machine cannot be instantiated twice on the same memory addresses.

I'd like to reserve this question for searching of practical ideas of performing mind upload -- both identity-preserving and non-preserving kinds, with different applications for various intents and purposes, and not limiting the idea to just humans, but including "mind-uploading" of machine intelligences as well.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading


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[sev],从理想上讲,是的,这可能是想法-通往事物的大门-“独特的记忆链?”在这些媒介之间行走?我不得不说,经历过一次全身麻醉之后,我有了一个“ Aha Moment”(Aha Moment)-思考-_“所以,这是冷冻技术理想的感觉!但是,我确实感觉有点不同步:它感觉到瞬间- -尽管手术花了一个多小时,但我似乎没有浪费任何时间:这真是一件奇怪的事,我仍然会因为这种记忆不连续而感到沮丧吗?“ _ :)所以,我认为这可能是最接近完美的状态,低温技术的未来应该能够实现。



但是,如果将我定义为我的不是“独特的记忆链”怎么办? -但是,伪随机过程编码在构成大脑的所有组件中,即使只有很小的偏差ε,从理论上讲,混沌也会在其产生的动作上与原始动作产生很大的分歧? (即不是IIMT-x等效)

[sev], idealistically, yes, that would perhaps be the idea -- a door for something -- "a unique chain of memories?" to walk between these mediums? I have to say, having been through general anesthesia once, I had an "Aha Moment" -- thinking -- "So that's what cryonics should ideally feel like! However, I do feel a bit out of phase: it felt instantaneous -- as if I didn't lose any time, although the surgery took more than an hour: what a weird thing, am I still me with this memory discontinuity?" :) So, I think it is probably the closest to perfect, that the future of cryonics should be able to get to.

If the "unique chain of memories" is what defines one's identity, then I could theoretically imagine that another processing unit, like a brain-CPU, could take on a little journey to derive its further actions from that "unique chain of memories" to append new memories based on those new actions, then suspend that, and write new memories back to my biological brain, and let me resume.

To realize this ideal at this level of mind uploading would require that "brain-CPU" be memories-compliant: i.e., allowing itself be controlled by "unique chain of memories" that defines me, and be neutral and unbiased otherwise.

However, what if what defines me to be me is not "unique chain of memories?" -- but rather, a pseudorandom process coded in the totality of components that make up the brain that, even with a very small epsilon of deviation, chaos-theoretically significantly diverges in the actions it produces diverges from the original? (i.e., it is not IIMT-x-equivalent)


假设我们具有对大脑的读/写访问权限。 首先阅读我的精神状态。然后我被麻醉了。然后,我的精神状态在数字媒体中启动。在那儿,我可以使用相机,这样我就能看到自己在睡觉。然后,我在数字空间中迈出了第一步,因此我收集了更多新的回忆。有了这些经历,我的数字自我就入睡了,这种心理状态被写入我的生理思维,并再次启动。我现在有进入数字空间并走出数字空间的连续经验。现在,我可以根据需要多次重复该过程。在某个时候,我可能决定留在数字领域。或者至少在我的身体即将崩溃时,这是一种非常平静和熟悉的经历,可以保留我的身份,完全不像死亡。

The (identity preserving) way I would like to be mind uploaded goes as follows:

Assume we have read/write access to the brain. First my mental state is read. I am then anesthetized. Then my mental state gets booted up in a digital medium. In there I have access to a camera so I can see myself sleep. I then do some first steps in the digital space so i gather some more new memories. With these experiences my digital self goes to sleep and that mind state gets written to my biological mind and booted up again. I now had a continuous experience of going into the digital space and going out of it. I now can repeat that process as often as I like to get comfortable. At some point I might decide to stay in the digital. Or at least when my body is about to break down it is a very calm and familiar experience that preserves my identity and does not resemble death at all.

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