Who pays for your human rights?

Everyone needs shelter, food and to pay their costs of bills. But are these a human right? But surely that doesn't mean they are free as they aren't free to provide


Some advocates of human rights believe everyone deserves shelter, food and the capability to pay bills.

I find this kind of negative as it ignores the cost of providing these things. Invariably they are the same people who want to tax more and want you to assign YOUR money to these needs.


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人们可能同意基本的人类需求,但确保满足这些需求的是创造性的社会过程。根据第 11 条,您可能会说结社权,但除非开发出使人们能够聚集在一起的信息技术,否则它不能“付费”。这些“社会创造过程”逐渐地、渐进地确保了“为”人权“买单”所需的能力。

People may agree to basic human needs, but what ensures that they are met, are the creative social processes. You may say that there's a right to association, as per article 11, but unless information technologies are developed that enable people to get together, it cannot be "paid for". Those "social creative processes" gradually and incrementally ensure the capabilities that are needed to "pay for" human rights.