Funding-Work-Revenue cross dependency

To get something created and sustainable you need money and customers, to get customers you need something created. To get something created you need worker. To get funding you need something you're going to create. It's such a vicious cycle that has no obvious opening. If people could get together to create a product, they could all profit in excess of a salary.


I am looking for arrangements that are mutually beneficial to workers and capital owners.


投票 (可选) (别通知) (可选)


  • (A) 逻辑上是有道理的
  • (B) 有人愿意为此投入时间和资源

[thekhan], Well, that's exactly the problem that we want to solve: to enable people with an idea, that makes logical sense, to start working on it, and get funded for doing it from the moment when it:

  • (A) logically makes sense
  • (B) someone is willing to put their time and resources to it

在我看来,十字架错过了最关键的一点,那就是时间。为每个项目创建基础都需要时间,可悲的是,它是所有项目中最稀缺的资源。资助者将要求获得 MVP(最小可行产品)的资助。除非您有时间创建 MVP,否则您从一开始就没有机会。只有在 MVP 之后,才能开始循环。

In my opinion the cross missing the most critical point, which is time. Time is required to create a basis for every project and sadly it's the most scarce resource of all. Funders will ask for a MVP (minimum viable product) for funding. Unless you have time to create a MVP you will have no chance from the beginning. And only after MVP the cycle can start.

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Gitlab 正在归档休眠的 GitLab 项目。 是我用来寻找新开源项目的网站。不幸的是,他们停止更新网站。我们被freshcode.club取代


Gitlab is archiving dormant GitLab projects. and was a site I did use for finding new open source projects. Unfortunately they stopped updating the site. And we're replaced by

The problem is universal. For someone to keep doing something for someone else, there needs to be some return. The free lunch doesn't last forever.