Sound of Living Systems

Is there a similarity between ocean's noise, human heartbeat and golden ratio?


"Is it possible to figure out the wavelength of ocean’s collective noise as a heart bit of living planet and compare it with human heartbeat and how they relate to golden ratio?"

this puzzle was sparked by Mansoor Vakili.


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After looking up online "Oceans Underwater Noise" came up.

"Just as microphones are used to listen to sound in air, devices called hydrophones are used to listen to sound underwater. ... Similarly, hydrophones convert sound in water into electrical signals that can be amplified, recorded, played back over loudspeakers, and used to measure the characteristics of the sound."

Thinking further, how to measure Ocean's Underwater Noise? And how to clean it from human made noise in the oceans?



Hmm not comparing the process of water but the object of water inside the Earth and inside the body, through its frequency (ocean waves vs heartbeat).

Useful question further would be, if we see both - the planet Earth and the human body - as living systems, what to compare a heartbeat with for this exploration? Is the collective noise made by ocean waves an equivalent to a heart beating?

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Ad-hoc connections for drawing a picture? Perhaps. However, such relations would be rather imprecise analogies. For example, the water ecosystem is propelled by the Sun, evaporating waters, and this process is very different from the process that powers the heart pumps blood: one is natural, and occurs on other planets, like Titan, another is a part of a living being, a cooperation of billions of cells. Take away life from Earth, and water would still evaporate and rain, whereas that cannot be said about blood in context of life of cells that make up heart.

如果海洋充满了地球,血液充满了人体并为心脏泵血,那么艺术地探索这两个生命系统之间的相关性是很有趣的。为什么?创造具有相互依存感的艺术。因为人世间有太多的分裂、分离和审判,审判不会带来希望。虽然混合搭配的新观点可以激发一种团结感。这就是重点。 :)

If Ocean fills the Earth, and blood fills the human body and pumps the heart, then it's interesting to artistically explore the correlation between the two living systems. Why? To create art that shares a sense of interdependence. Because there is so much division, separation and judgment in the human world, and judgment does not bring hope. While new perspectives on mixing and matching can inspire a sense of togetherness. And that is the point in itself. :)

雨声、冰箱的马达声和斐波那契数之间是否有相似之处?我会说 - 很少......谈到自然,是的,有一些不明显的数学关系,比如花朵的生长和黄金比例之间的关系,因为圆形约束区域。然而,不确定,并非总是如此,所以我对那里是否存在自然关系持怀疑态度。

// 海洋声音的哪些特性与心跳相关?


Is there a similarity between sound of rain, a motor-beat of refrigerator, and Fibonacci numbers? I'd say -- very little... When it comes to nature, yes, there are cases of non-obvious mathematical relationships, like the relationship between, say, growth of flowers and the golden ratio, because of exponential growth in the circularly constrained area. However, not definite, not always, so I'm skeptical about the presence of natural relationships there.

// What properties of the ocean sound would correlate with the heart beat?

Look no further than the human ability to hear and recognize sounds, and evolutionary significance of water (like rain or ocean) to survival, and the psychology that arose from importance of water to life: hearing or not hearing water could mean the difference between life and death, thus, animals, and humans must have evolved to change heartbeat as a result of hearing them.


Lisa:“大数据分析 —> 有机的作曲感 = 相互依存的感觉”



Feedback from YOMO fellows:

Lisa: "Big data analysis —> organic sense of composing = a sense of interdependence"

Matthew: “What properties of the ocean sound would correlate with the heart beat?”

John: “Golden ratio is just comparing numbers, find the right numbers to compare that derives something aesthetically meaningful”

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