Free Materials and Equipment Time

How to make the materials and equipment execution time approach the negligible cost of running a computer or a mobile phone?


The "Free-Software" in hardware is not "Free-Designs," because the parity in capability to "run" them requires "Free Materials & Equipment Time."

Electricity is nearly free (compared to the requirements to run a modern personal computer), but materials for production and the time of equipment needed to process them, is not nearly free.


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工厂的问题在于改装以开发另一种产品的成本很高。你必须制作金属模具或其他东西。和重组。也许前 X 个单位可以支付此成本除以单位数。


我认为我的电脑每月运行费用为 5-10 英镑。



The problem with factories is that they are expensive to refit to develop another product. You have to make metal moulds or something. And retooling. Maybe the first X units could pay this cost divided by the unit count.

Material costs have to be almost free they're a fraction of manufacturing costs as they are bought in bulk.

My computer costs £5-£10 a month to run I think.

If I turn it off my bill goes down by around that amount.

I've seen at least one developer deliberately move processing to the client mobile app because they don't pay for processing there. The customer does.

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