Optimum Health

What does body need to heal naturally?


Body is a living system. Living systems are self-organised systems capable to repair themselves. Body should too.

What can we learn from biology and systemic view of life? How can we apply a minimum effort approach for optimum health?

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好Q,开放式结束。这一定与 Extreme Health 类别有关 :) 关于自我修复, - 很容易为八足类动物重新长出失去的手臂,例如章鱼,但对于哺乳动物来说几乎是不可能的。

Good Q, and open ended. This got to be related to the Extreme Health category :) Regarding the self-reparation, - it's easy to regrow a lost arm for an octopod like an octopus, but it's practically impossible for a mammal.