Life is hard or life is complicated or life is suffering or life is difficult

Is life hard? Is life suffering?


How can we make life less complicated and simpler?

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I strongly believe it's about living in communities. Life is much easier and full of meaning and value. It's a cultural thing. Freedom is born when anyone can travel freely and light between communities, and be accepted and valued. Life by yourself, for yourself is hard, tedious and complicated

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// 呃……但乐趣有时在于多样性,仅仅简单是不够的。我意识到事情变得有意义的愿望,认知放松

但为什么人们说生活艰难呢?用力难吗?普通人可以在物理世界上消耗 2000 卡路里的热量。这是一个痛苦的努力。那些亚马逊员工正在遭受包裹转移的痛苦。我们怎样才能让这些人的生活更轻松?

// Duh... but fun is in the diversity sometimes, just simplicity isn't enough for a happy life. I'm aware the desire that things just made sense, cognitive relax

But why do people say life is hard? Is it hard in terms of force exerted? The average man can exert 2000 calories of effort on the physical world. That's a painful exertion. Those Amazon employees are suffering shifting parcels. How can we make this life easier for those people?

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是什么让生活变得艰难?它在工作吗?每天准备 3 次食物吃,每餐后清洁盘子?每天出差上班?被闹钟吵醒?支付账单?必须正确饮食才能避免发胖?上帝保佑我讨厌运动。我讨厌所有这些东西,它们无缘无故地让生活变得艰难。

They say that a job is satisfying if it offers opportunity to mastery, autonomy and purpose. I would agree with that.

I would argue that a job needs zen or getting into the zone. I have only had that when I decided on how to achieve my job.

What makes life hard? Is it working? Preparing food 3 times a day to eat, cleaning plates after every meal? Travelling to work everyday? Waking up to an alarm? Paying bills? Having to eat right to avoid getting fat? God forbid I hate exercise. I hate all these things and they make life hard for no reason.




如果我决定要花 650 英镑支付租金,这会极大地限制我的选择。如果我说 1000 英镑,我的选择范围会更广,但我会花费大量的薪水。



Here's a combinatorial problem that I don't have a solution for.

You need to pick a place to live, a job and things to buy. These all depend on eachother. The shops you go to depend on where you live and how much money you have depends on your job.

I wish I could arbitrarily control websites to do searches and simple sorts for me. I need a job that is near to where I live and a place to live that is near my job. I need to search for jobs in parallel to my place to rent. You need the distance of shops to work and to home to be as small as possible. You also need good transport links.

If I decide I want to spend £650 on rent it limits my options significantly. If I say £1000 my options are wider but I would be spending a large amount of my salary.

This kind of problem needs a hill climbing algorithm that walks rent price, job salary, distance between them and shopping location distance between job and home.

So it's a multidimensional plane with many local minimums.

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我记得,埃隆·马斯克 (Elon Musk) 曾说过,生活有很棒的画面,但 糟糕的情节。也许,我们可以详细说明一下情节。除了一个身份之外,我肯定有这方面的计划。 ;)

// 不那么复杂和简单

呃……但乐趣有时在于多样性,仅仅简单是不够的。我知道人们希望事情变得有意义,认知放松,但是嘿,所有经典计算机都可以仅由与非门制成。我看过一个很好的视觉效果,这里,作者是 Stephen Wolfram。

I remember, Elon Musk saying along the lines, that life's got great graphics, but poor plot. Perhaps, we could elaborate on the plot. I definitely got plans for that, beyond one identity. ;)

// Less complicated and simpler

Duh... but fun is in the diversity sometimes, just simplicity isn't enough for a happy life. I'm aware the desire that things just made sense, cognitive relax, but hey, all classical computers can be made from just NAND gates. I've seen a good visual, here, by Stephen Wolfram.