Geographic wants and needs app


Ping server with geographic location of wants, be matched to providers of wants, view wants of others on app. Like Foursquare for wants and needs


I want a cafe, restaurant, church to be near me. I should put this into an app and it broadcast what I want somewhere Entrepreneurs and businessmen can monitor the network for what people want.

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// 我想要很多不同的东西。但我不知道该致力于哪个,朝着哪个方向努力。

好吧,有几个项目来分散你的时间。我的祖父说——积极的休息正在改变一种工作类型。例如,通过思考硬件世界从软件世界中放松,从做软件工作的硬件工作中放松……然后,在这几个最喜欢的项目之间平衡你的时间。 :) 当然,项目的选择也应该有一个良好的风险状况,这样它会激励你继续工作更长的时间。实际上很难找到这样的项目,因为总是有很多新想法出现,所以,...必须能够确定什么是最值得你花时间的。

// I want so many different things. But I don't know which to commit to and which to work towards.

Well, have a few projects to diversify your time. My grandfather says -- active rest is changing one type of work with another. For example, relax from software world by thinking of hardware world, and relax from hardware work doing software work... Then, balance your time between those few favorite projects. :) Sure, the choice of projects should also have a good risk profile, so that it would motivate you to continue working on it for longer time. It's actually quite hard to find such projects, when there's many new ideas appearing all the time, so,... got to be able to identify what's most worthy of your time.




I agree. We need that too.

I want so many different things. But I don't know which to commit to and which to work towards.

I also want it to be less dangerous to start a business or start trying to enter a market. There is infinite number of markets available but they are all dangerous to enter. It needs to be safe.


Instead of showing what we want by buying, show what we want through collaborative data/market research?