Order To Print



Printer that will print individual copies of books.

A printing company that will print any number of copies of a book on demand (not necessarily immediately).

Including out of print books.

They should also give the option of printing and binding copies of scanned antique books and rare, where possible.

Prices could be reduced for batches of printing, if bulk printing the same book means decreases in costs on the company.

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[Cabria], just let's leave a tag, like [marked-for-deletion] (redundant). Later, we can delete at some time in the future, when we have house cleanup. We should have some kind of house cleanup over time.


[Mindey] - would be good to be able to archive things like this Idea, once there's a consensus that they've already been implemented. What do you think? Deleting seems a bit harsh...

特浓咖啡-Perfecto!太好了,[Mindey],感谢您的分享。大。已经完成了。 :-P打勾。

Espresso books - Perfecto! That's super, [Mindey], thanks for sharing that. Great. It's already done. :-P Tick.

[Cabria],对不起。我考虑过出版。我记得_Google图书_曾经提供过获取已绝版,印刷和交付的书籍的选项。我猜他们正在使用[Espresso Book Machine](http://ondemandbooks.com/)([video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXSaq9hLqNc))。也许还有其他选择,但是要成立这样的公司,我想您必须租赁或购买这样的机器。

[Cabria], sorry. I thought about publishing. I remember Google Books had previously offered the option to get books, which are out of print, printed, and delivered. I guess, they were using the Espresso Book Machine (video). Maybe there is an alternative to it, but to start such a company, I'd assume you'd have to lease or buy such a machine.

“ Packt的使命是通过向IT专业人员提供有效的学习和信息服务,帮助世界使软件以新的方式工作。”-完全不同的使命。他们提供的教育工具根本无法解决问题。我不知道如何将两者混淆?



因此,例如:我经营'Order to Print'Ltd。您,一位作家,用您的新小说接近了我,而Ruta用她的新食谱接近了我。该书设计合理,几乎可以印刷,可以很容易地作为电子书出售。我有一个可供读者阅读的电子书在线目录。 200个人购买了您的小说的电子书,但20个人希望获得该书的印刷版。另外20个人希望在同一个月获得Ruta食谱的印刷版。因此,我将每个打印20张,并在月底发送给请求者。




" Packt’s mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways, through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals. " - Totally different mission. They're providing an education tool Does not address the problem at all. I don't know how the two would be confused?

Order to Print is more about out of print books. I'm talking about existing books or books that used to be in print and not limited to any particular sector (Packt target IT sector). Order to Print would also allow an author to avoid the risk of paying a huge amount of money for thousands of copies of their book to be published without knowing if people will actually want to buy it and at the offered price.

So, for example: I run 'Order to Print' Ltd. You, an author, approach me with your new novel and Ruta approaches me with her new cookbook. The book is designed and pretty much ready to print, can easily be sold as an e-book. I have an online catalogue of ebooks that readers can peruse. 200 people purchase the ebook of your novel but 20 people want a hard copy of it. 20 other people want a hard copy of Ruta's cookbook the same month. So I print 20 of each and send them to the requesters at the end of the month.

That way, I don't print shitloads of hard copies that will then end up on disheartening discounts or recycling bins with their barcodes removed. And if the hard copy of Ruta's cookbook is in high demand, I can print more and more of it as people request it and sell them.

It reduces the waste of overprinting and allows more control over the whole process. It also acknowledges the diversity of people's preferences for ebooks/hard copies.

Packt is totally different, does none of this, and is completely irrelevant to this discussion. Sorry.


[Cabria], there are such companies! Pact Publishing for example. What is missing to consider this baked?