问题: 让人能赚更多钱

Start a network of community initiatives



Start a formal and professionally run network of community initiatives, independent of government

One of the solutions is to start community initiatives like ChangeX in towns and villages : info about ChangeX. That platform curates the best social change ideas, so it will be easy to find a suitable one for a particular community.

It may not work in all parts of Ukraine, but a similar movement is already taking off in Lviv, and it's proving to be a success. People all around Ukraine will be more likely to support it if it will not be run by a government.

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Unfortunately, meetup.com, forums and Facebook groups wouldn't work so well in Ukraine, because not so many people have computers and internet connection, and even fewer have smartphones. This is why a public forum is a better option, because it will make people turn up there physically. In Ukraine, real world communities work better than online ones. Online forums and Facebook groups are not really taken seriously, even by some young people.

Communist Party of Ukraine exists because people participate in it in real life rather than on the internet, even though it's by far not the best community. Being a part of something physically rather than virtually means a lot to people of Ukraine.

After all, I lived in Ukraine myself, and I visit it every summer.


[Yuri-B], I agree with an idea that the person's wealth depends on its network. These days we have meetup.com, forums and Facebook groups where people can meet. Isn't it enough to get people connecting locally?

[Mindey] [ruta]此解决方案具有多个维度:

1.)人们将有空间与朋友圈之外的其他人联系。基本上,使它们能够形成“弱连接”,如本文所述:[https://medium.com/@vernonluke/how-your-network-could-be-killing-your-career-prospects-5817b7d650a4]( https://medium.com/@vernonluke/how-your-network-could-be-killing-your-career-prospects-5817b7d650a4“ https://medium.com/@vernonluke/how-your-network-could-杀死您的职业前景5817b7d650a4”)。这将增加他们获得他们可能不知道的工作的机会。



[Mindey] [ruta] This solution has multiple dimensions : 1.) People will have a space to connect with other people, who are outside their circle of friends. Basically, enable them to form "weak connections", as mentioned in this article : https://medium.com/@vernonluke/how-your-network-could-be-killing-your-career-prospects-5817b7d650a4. This will improve their chances of getting jobs that they may not be aware of.

2.) When the subject of economic opportunities will be discussed at a community level inside those initiatives, rather than individual person's level, there will be a sense of leadership and better division of labour. Then people who will participate in those initiatives will have better chances of earning more money, and will eventually figure out how to leverage communities in order to build up wealth.

The real problem is not only peoples' mentality, but a lack of leadership that steers them towards building up wealth. Ukrainian government doesn't really know how to lead people towards generation of wealth, so something has to fill that void.

嘿[Yuri-B],很高兴在这里见到你! :)

我明白您的想法的重点-我们通过人来获取知识。培养当地社区很重要,尽管使人们能够与全球社区互动并获得不同类型的思维更为重要。我只是在阅读[关于个人网络的文章](https://medium.com/@vernonluke/how-your-network-could-be-killing-your-career-prospects-5817b7d650a4“ https://medium.com / @ vernonluke /您的网络如何杀死您的职业前景5817b7d650a4”)。

Hey [Yuri-B], good to see you here! :)

I see the point of your idea - we acquire knowledge through people. Fostering local communities is important, although enabling people to interact with global communities and acquire different kind of thinking is even more important. I was just reading an article on personal networks today.



[Yuri-B], welcome to the Infinity Project! It seems like one of the solutions, of course, however, we have to be more specific, how people would make money via such initiatives. Could you elaborate?

[iulia-link], mentioning you, as it is relevant to the problem you raised :)