问题: Convenience

Accommodation app


There is short term, long term accommodation..I want to change my place of residence on a whim without having to worry about contracts or moving lots of stuff


Moving accommodation and addresses shouldn't be such a big deal. It should be as simple as opening an app and picking a place to live and how long and then pressing a button. No phone calls. No meeting estate agents.

Then you can live there

I should be able to select no-end date - this is long term accommodation. Or short term accommodation such as hotels or airbnbs.

It's the long term accommodation market that needs quickening.

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You can't currently rent a house long term through an app.

That's what is new about this idea.

I think you should be able to buy a house like buying milk at a grocery store.

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    : Mindey
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这个想法有什么新意? “无结束日期”,“自动礼宾”,还有什么?


What's new in this idea? The "no end date", the "auto-concierge", what else?

I prefer a world without buildings, just living in "hivecells" directly on planets. Clothes should be made convenient and safe enough to replace housing.

    : Ruta
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我绝对更喜欢游牧生活方式。我曾经是一名顾问,一直在英国和爱尔兰旅行。我每 9 个月就住在酒店和不同的城市。


I definitely prefer the nomad lifestyle. I used to be a consultant and travelled all the time in the UK and Ireland. I was always in a hotel and in a different city every 9 months.

I rented a flat and bought an expensive computer and coffee machine - now I feel restricted where I can be. I have to stay in one place. So I'm thinking of moving again and sending away my computer and coffee machine to some central location such as my family home and use my nice computer as a server.

我同意,但我认为这更像是一个文化问题而不是技术问题,因为大多数问题都值得解决。我描绘了一个半游牧社会,在共同拥有的土地上自由移动,加入许多可用的社区,在那里每个人都被接受,在每个地方学习和教学。有点像通过更稳定的社区节点矩阵的人类通量。我把生活想象成一次有趣的公路旅行,期待新朋友和新体验,轻装上阵,无忧无虑。这就是自由对我的意义。 但这样的愿景需要文化上的转变。到目前为止,是的,我们可以创建一个住宿共享应用程序,已经有很多,例如分时共享。所以,你有很多钱,我们可以让搬家更方便。不幸的是,大多数人都被赚钱的必要性束缚住了。我们都被冻结在一个僵化的社会结构中。没有一个应用程序可以改变这一点。这是需要发生的代际变化。 将改变它的是一个一个地建立这些公社,培养共享、社区生活和开放的文化。然后,这些公社被他们的成功所吸引,更多的人开始了,他们相互联系,互相帮助。新经济诞生。这就是我们需要帮助我们的应用程序发生的事情。我们需要提供组织工具,使形成这样的公社更容易。现在非常困难。许多人都在努力,而每个人都在黑暗中摸索。

I agree, but I think it's more of a cultural issue rather then technical, as most of the problems worth solving. I picture a society of semi nomads, freely moving thru the land held in common, joining many available communities, where everyone is accepted, learning at each place, as well as teaching. Kinda like a human flux thru a more stable matrix of community nodes. I imagine life as a fun road trip, in anticipation of new friends and new experiences, travelling light, worry free. That's what freedom is to me. But such a vision would take a cultural shift. As of now, yeah, we can create an accommodation sharing app, there are already many, like time shares. So, of you have lots of money, we can make moving even more convenient. Unfortunately most people are bound stationary by that necessity of making money. We are all frozen into a rigid social structure. There's no single app that can change this. It's a generational change needing to happen. What's gonna change it is building those communes, one by one, nurturing the culture of sharing, community living and openness. Then, those communes attract by their success, more get started, they get interconnected helping each other. A new economy gets born. That's what we need to help to happen with our apps. We need to provide organizational tools to make forming such communes easier. It's very hard right now. Many are trying, and everyone is groping in the dark.