Wantsfile at root of domain


Automated provision of services to automatic buyer of services


If everyone had a wants.txt or wants.csv at the root of their domain, they could be spidered.

Then a market place algorithm runs and finds all people who can be provided with what they want automatically.

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嗯我喜欢这个想法的原因是,突然之间,每个人都会开始公开展示自己的需求,这样他们就会变得更加透明和乐于助人。 :)


Hmm. What I like about this idea, is that suddenly, everyone would start showing their wants publicly, so they would become more transparent, and helpful. :)

But what about secret desires that people don't want to necessarily make public? Also, how far would this extend? Countries and organizations also often have their domains. Would domains replace markets (=become decentralized internet of wants)?



I imagine one that would have merit on the internet:

Here's an archive and its hash, i will pay people £X currency to host it for me





There would have to be another protocol for the exchange of wants with gives files.

The seller could contact the buyer and automatically arrange a price based on the minimum that the buyer is willing to buy.

Or the buyer could spider the sellers and contract the seller that they choose.

it should be all automated



Would that extend to all autonomous agents? How would this file be updated, would it have encrypted sections? What would be the language to describe those needs? Are those would be limited to the operations available by various standardized systems, or have a more vocabulary to describe more abstract wants?

I so see this used by advertisers... it's like big ASK with lots of bidders.