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Payments infrastructure for the internet: Our mission is to increase the GDP of the internet. YAML [编辑]

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

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好的谢谢。 是的 ... 你的意思是在这种情况下它变得像面巾纸的面巾纸?




Ok, thank you. Yes ... You mean in this context it becomes like Kleenex for tissue paper?

I don't like the attitude of any payment gateways so far and the development team are worried about it. If I don't make it happen it will be a cash on delivery system. Which I don't personally mind .

I wish we can create our own financial institution that provides a payment gateway which supports a security plan for the future including health and education...

I'll remember to put it in the idea tracks...

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    : Mindey
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[Bassxn2],它实际上是应该用于 Stripe 的项目。全世界都知道 Stripe 有一种我们称之为 设备 的东西——它是由项目运行的任何工具。事实是,为了注册由设备完成的操作,我们必须没有我们(其他人的)项目只是为了在技术上添加由该设备完成的操作。同样,您会在这里找到“以太坊”等项目。这并不意味着这些项目是通过 Infinity 运行的,但目的是我们可以创建一个结构,为它们创建本体论:世界是由创建执行操作的工具的项目运行的——资金转移与一种操作,如打印机打印或激光切割等。

今天,公众知道有 2 个 Stripe 设备实例——它是主要和测试系统,与医院可能拥有几台 MRI 机器的方式类似。我相信来自 Stripe 的人会对他们服务的设计和网络架构有更多的话要说。

[Bassxn2], it's in fact project that's supposed to be for Stripe. The world knows that Stripe has something that we call equipment -- which is any tool run by a project. Thing is, in order to register operations done by equipment, we have to have not our (other people's) project just to technically add operations done by that equipment. Similarly, you'll find projects like "Ethereum", and so on here. It doesn't mean that these projects are run via Infinity, but the intention is that we can create a structure that creates ontological sense about them: world is run by projects creating tools that perform operations -- a money transfer is just as much of an operation, like a print by a printer, or a cut by a laser, etc.

Today, public is aware of 2 instances of Stripe equipment -- that is the main and test system, in a similar way how a hospital may have a few MRI machines. I'm sure the folks from Stripe would have more to say about the design and web architecture of their service.

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Stripe the stripe stripe? Or a new Stripe? I'm interested!

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