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Providing community members with security and safety through Oximeters.
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This would be a project and work group and a startup to provide community members' health monitoring and summoning help services. Currently, this project is a placeholder for my works on the Oximeter Popularization via wristbands like smart watches, as described in the parent idea.

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Wow, that's great [libberro], and very interesting! If that is the case, and you need space to share +[results], you can use this project, or another project based on the parent idea.

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Yeah I have the same idea, I'm testing a Max30102 device to do that though, since wristbands aren't that accurate.

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我认为第一步是验证,从我已经拥有的手表中,可以从支持该功能的各种智能手表中收集血氧仪数据的可靠性和电池成本如何便宜,因此将尽快尝试。 。


I think the first step, is to verify, how reliably and battery-energy cheaply it would be possible to collect oximeter data from various smart watches that support this feature, starting with the one I already have, so will be trying that some time soon.

Regarding the emergency event handling side, I think, multiple cloud-based approaches could be used. I find the idea of combining taxi services with ambulance services to cut the help arrival time in half, interesting, but that would be another idea for a micro-service.

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